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portland, or.

very belated and very overcast 4th of july

we had a great breakfast. we wore sweaters and ate cinnamon rolls.
Good enough for me is good enough for america.

Using up expired film

I recently got a huge box of expired film. Seriously, not messing around, flat out huge. Rolls and rolls of chrome, black and white, color, fuji, kodak, etc, it was a super good haul and the best surprise. So far it's all turned up images, a couple of rolls have been a little blue and grainy, but you cant beat free slide film.
Here's some stuff I've got back so far.

The locks and chainrings on the skidmore overpass, a couple from the Albina yard, and dreary nutty fleet week.
More coming soon.

Advanced girls camp!

I rode along with the Community Cycling Center's Advanced Girls camp to shoot some stuff for them today. We rode the esplanade to Sellwood Park and then to get gelato. As I rode off, one thirteen year old voice wished me good luck with my photo career. Good inspiration.
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