more new work.
I don't know why sometimes things look great on here and sometimes not, hopefully I'll get a real live website soon and the quality will be great all the time.

Circus Finale

The three I am using for critique.
They get bigger if you are into that.


Weezy Baby

Mean muggin.
Photos by Hannah O'Sullivan (http://www.flickr.com/photos/girlaphid/)


what's up, Ansel?
Black and white beach photography makes me feel like i am still in highschool.
womp womp.

These are from August.
It was a long drive from Rancho.

Dear Emma

I didn't mean to be a creep. It's just that the light looked really nice and the wind was moving your curtain.

porch life, for life

Two of my favorite gentlemen.

beach beach beach

I don't care if all pictures of the Oregon Coast look exactly the same. I don't think I'll ever not take photos when I go.
The last two redeem how annoying it is to shoot with a broken camera.

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