Train blues

Most of the expired film I've been using hasn't turned out all that different from non-expired film.

This one did though. All of it is completely blue.

Bon Suprise!

Portland to Eugene.

Things that start with B in AZ.

A bookstore on 4th

wheat pastes around Bikas

A church I actually believe in: the Tucson Bike Church

Doodling around Tucson with my dear friend Clare. I can't wait to go back.

Every town is all the same when you've left your heart in the Tucson rain

People from Seattle always joke that the rain follows them.

And it seems to be true.

The night I flew into Arizona, it rained so hard that the airport was leaking and flooding and they postponed all flights due to thunderstorms.

It was still great though. The air and ground looks different when it rains in the desert versus in the northwest. Maybe it's because the ground isn't used to it.

A little bit of San Diego


August, part Two

Went to Tucson for a too-quick visit before driving to San Diego and then back to PDX.

As the locals say, it's hot in Tucson.

It is also beautiful in Tucson.

More coming soon..

August, Part One

trains to nampa, trains to eugene.

More on the way.
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