To the tune of 'will is my friend":

Matt is my Friend
He calls me Tom
Brought him back from California.
Matt is the west coast with me, matt is a passage plenty
Matt is a good friend of mine, with whom I spend a whole lot of my time.

Listen to Devendra and cheer your friends up. It's hard out there for a pimp.
Love you Matty.


  1. The body aches and that ache takes it time
    But you'll get over yours and I'll get over mine

    within the dark
    There is a shine
    One tiny spark
    That's yours and mine

  2. This was so fantastic to come home to.
    Thank you Ms. S. LaPonte.

    I've been a bad girl
    I ain't playing fair.
    I want you to be free,
    but I don't want to share.
    No I don't want to let you go,
    but it's about time I did.


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